Altavia ACT*, part of the international Altavia Group, is a full-service agency with its stems firmly tracing back to the late nineties when the interwebs were still populated with n00bs and 1337 h4x0rz. Since then, we’ve grown incessantly to become the creative and strategic agency we are today, topped up with 95 crazy yet surprisingly professional talents. They are at the heart of our innovative services offering, aiming to connect consumers to brands through meaningful human relationships. Our secret? A unique management system, based on collective intelligence and faith in our values: progress, enthusiasm and fluidity.

Do you share the same vision and want to join our adventure? Do you feel like wowing even the biggest national and international clients with your skills?
We have just the thing for you!

We are looking for a Front-end Developer that makes our clients shine on the web.


You have a strong eye for detail and an aim for pixel perfection, smoothness and delivery of a top-notch banana user experience.

You are user-oriented: usability and its essentials are your bible.

You understand how the web and its related tech and tools move. Accordingly, your CSS scales well, you’re into ES6 and you know what PWA stands for, so you stand for PWA ✊.

Motion: you’re at ease with getting things moving at 60+ fps.

JS: Any JS framework (Vue, React) experience.

You push the HTML semantic one step further with Microdata. Bonus ❤️ for you.

Canvas and WebGL are not meant to swallow a battery at the speed of light. Bonus ❤️❤️ for you.

You're comfortable with the back-end part: working knowledge of Object-Oriented programming and MVC frameworks (Laravel, Symfony), database schema understanding, or even Node JS.

You collaborate and build using empathy… and also tools like Slack, Basecamp, Git, Webpack.

You are curious and welcome challenges from any type: you test, improve, explain and reconsider your choices.

You contribute to the world: GitHub/GitLab/blog/... (Send us a link.)


You have proven experience as a developer in a challenging environment such as a development and/or digital communications agency.

You have at least 3 years of experience and a substantial portfolio of different websites for which you played a significant part in the development.


You are a native FR or NL speaker. We also expect fluency in English.

No matter the language, you have strong communication skills that let you interact effortlessly with your colleagues (and please do so with a hint of humour).

You are able to work and cope with our in-house top team of geeks.

Important: We are looking for an in-house developer.


A fun and challenging collaboration in a young and eager team.
An easily accessible and spacious workplace.
A remuneration based on your experience and challenges.
New ways of working (NWOW for those who know nwow).
A lot of flexibility in your day-to-day work.
A job in a financially stable company.
The advantages of working in an international group.
A valuable role in the life of our agency.
Apply now, you banana!
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